About us

Since its inception in the year 2002, Techsmart Australia has always been fully committed to providing web development solutions to our clients in Australia as well as across the world. Having developed websites and web portals of paramount quality for a number of clients over the last decade, we have garnered a wealth of experience in the online marketing realm. Our laundry list of services includes marketing and promotion specific to Facebook and Google advertising. At Techsmart Australia, we believe that no task is too large or too small.


Over the last decade, Techsmart Australia has recruited and partnered with a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals adept in the fields of web development, design and internet marketing. Through a network of programmers, administrators, designers and marketing experts, Techsmart Australia has developed the expertise required to work with the latest technologies, providing high-quality and comprehensive online business solutions to all its clients. While the company may have its base in Melbourne, its database of clients extends all around the world.

The team at Techsmart Holding Pty Ltd. works around the clock to offer our clients and potential clients the opportunity to vastly improve their web presence through cutting-edge web solutions. Techsmart Australia is an all-inclusive store for all our clients’ web development needs.

It would be good to term us as your ‘one stop shop for all your web needs’. Our services range from simple HTML web pages to creative and unique programmed sites. Our client base is very vast and ranges from start-up firms to corporate houses. We even have tie-ups with some of the companies under the pact of NDA.

Our Mission

At Techsmart Australia, it is our objective to provide our clients with a host of services geared at keeping their websites updated and fresh, with new ideas and content. Using the newest open-source technology on the market, we aim to create web advertising platforms that are not only user-friendly and engaging, but adaptable as well. It is only through the creation, updation and management of a malleable website that an enterprise can thrive within the competitive web development industry.

Techsmart Australia Prides Itself On: